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Introducing the CHUBB 
Lifetime Benefit Term Life Plan

A Lifetime Benefit Term Life Insurance with Long Term Care policy combines features of both term life insurance and long-term care insurance. Here's how it might generally work. The member has a guaranteed Death Benefit, or if needed, Long term care benefits while the member is living. A covered person could receive some of both benefits depending on their situation! Should a covered person require long-term care services, the rider provides a monthly benefit of 4% of the Death Benefit for up to 25 months. The Death Benefit reduces proportionally each month the long-term care benefits are paid. The term life insurance aspect of the policy provides a death benefit to beneficiaries in case of passing during the policy term. This benefit is paid out as a lump sum and can provide financial support to loved ones. The Lifetime Benefit Term Life Insurance includes a Long term care rider that is conditionally guaranteed acceptance, with yes or No health questions, up to $150,000 of Death Benefit. The enrollee must only attests they are actively working a minimum of 30+hours per week at their job or occupation, which is verifiable. And answer no to having been diagnosed or treated for HIV, AIDS, or ARC (Aids Related Complex), within the last 10 years. And no to a few additional questions. This is an association-based insurance benefit; therefore the enrollee or employer group must be a member of the AFE USA Association. They must also be between the Ages 19 to 59 and verifiably working at least 30+ hours per week on their regular job or occupation. As more and more states implement legislation similar to that of Washington State, it will be essential to you, as the employer or employee’s insurance advisor, that you have access to a high quality alternative insurance plan. If you are an insurance professional or employer benefits enrollment firm and have employers looking at offering a long term care benefit to their employees, this is the product for you. Contact us today at:

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