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Digital Marketing Guide


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Agent Input

The agent/agency website & marketing platform starts here.

Tell Us What You Want On Your Website or landing page.  There are a  lot of questions so take your time.  [Submit for each agent]

There are 6 REQUIRED field. All others optional. 

This is not just a website, it’s a marketing platform. The more you provide us to customize it, the more effective the platform will be. 

Consumers don’t go to the internet looking for insurance agents to sell them insurance. They go to the internet looking for information. 

Once they find the site and it provides what they are looking for, only then will they check out the agent or advisor.   The is your opportunity to shine. You have roughly 17 seconds to get their attention.  

Therefore, think about what you want to say and how you want consumers to perceive you and your professionalism.

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