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NEW Wix Studio Editor | Design Platform

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Get an overview of the Wix Studio Editor, from the basic tools you need to the new advanced capabilities.

Studio’s design tools allow Adaptive Marketing Group to to create exceptional websites for our clients. . Studio has the ability to work with pixel-level control or take advantage of AI responsiveness and out-of-the-box design tools to to meet our client’s exact vision in less time.

  • Build efficiently on an advanced and intuitive visual canvas, powered by smooth drag and drop

  • Create intricate layouts more intuitively with a revamped stack and new grid experience

  • Add responsive behavior to any page in a matter of clicks with game-changing built-in tools

  • Use custom CSS to create any unique web experience you can imagine

  • Build bespoke apps and widgets on Blocks and add custom React components to any project

  • Access rich design libraries with engaging new motion effects, like no-code scroll and sticky behaviors and ready-to-use interactions

  • More.

Get an overview of the Wix Studio Editor, from the basic tools you need to the new advanced capabilities.  In this tutorial, we’ll take a step-by-step walkthrough of the Wix Studio Editor, including its main panels, where to find the key features and its advanced capabilities.  -  0:00 - Intro 0:07 - Canvas 0:16 - Site actions 0:25 - Page navigation 0:33 - Breakpoints  0:54 - Resize handles  1:07 - Top bar 1:16 - Left panel 1:19 - Add panel 2:01 - Elements & business solutions 2:15 - Layers panel 2:38 - Pages tab 2:50 - Global sections 3:04 - Site styles  3:23 - App Market 3:30 - CMS 3:38 - Developer platform 3:46 - Inspector 3:58 - Design tab 4:11 - Interactions tab 4:21 - Content tab 4:30 - Overview options  4:37 - Comments panel 4:47 - Help

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