Let's Get Your Agent/Agency Website More Traffic

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Adaptive Marketing Group, LLC a WiX Partner Agency and the

Living Room Learning Channel ™ .


Do you realize Wix has over 300 applications that can be added

to your website to encourage dynamic client engagements?

Many of these applications are FREE valuable marketing resources

that help increase activity to the site.

Some of our clients favorites include: Facebook Chat and Testimonial Builder.

Our team likes the new Wix Own and Wix Text Invite applications that permit immediate client engagement with Apple Iphone® or Android® phones.

Everyone's favorite is the popular Interactive "Hoover" Lead Capture form box.


Today, a website needs to be more than an electronic business card.

It needs to be a marketing platform.

Let's Get Your Website More Traffic

Yes, a website domain must be indexed with the WiX new Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) monitoring tools and have correctly placed metatags, including social media pixels, set throughout the site.

Even when the site is set up correctly and accessible in Google® and other search engines, it will take time to build the domain's reputation and/or elevate the site in the rankings when searched by buyers, prospects, clients or others.

In order to increase or elevate the site rankings, there are a number of strategies for consideration. Although paid advertisements is certainly one way, there are other considerations as well.


Here are just a few:

Make certain the site has the "lock" and is the SSL certificate. This is included with all WiX sites designed by Adaptive Marketing Group, LLC

Include the domain address in the signature of all correspondence.

Invite others to visit the site via a QR Code. FREE QR CODE GENERATOR

Use the NEW WiX TXT Phone application to invite others to the website.


Use the WiX Events Builder application to Invite others to participate in live forums, Zoom Video ® conference meetings, watch videos, download informative guides and 'subscribe' to the site content.

Allow clients, customers and prospects to schedule meeting from the site with Calendly(click here)

Utilize the WiX embedded outbound email marketing platform and newsletters templates. See Example Newsletter (click here)

Setup the WiX Dashboard e-mail automation, task and to-do CRM for site visitors.

Create engaging consumer polls, surveys and loyalty programs. (click here)

Start a fun and informative consumer focused BLOG or VLOG. (click here)

Utilize the WiX Social Media Posting platform to invite others to the site. (see Adaptive Marketing Group, LLC FREE Social Media Marketing (click here)

Promote "whitepapers', co-ops and informative targeted e-marketing campaigns to invite non-subscribers to the website. See Example (click here)

Request consumer feedback and testimonials - See Example (click here)

Setup Back-links- A backlink is a link created when one website links to another. Backlinks are also called "inbound links" or "incoming links." Backlinks are important to SEO. Preferability the site should backlink with other organizations or affiliates targeting similar markets. (Backlink Video)

Let us show you how we can help you, Identify, Target, Engage, Cultivate and Convert

more clients and customers by increasing website traffic.


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