Get Found on Google and Increase Your Website Activity- How?

Are you looking for new prospects and ways to convert them to clients.

So, how many times have you said this to yourself?

"I can sell more insurance if only I had more prospects to talk to and tell my story..."

When an agent enters the insurance industry, they are taught about products, the 'interview & closing process' and to some degree what it means to 'prospect'. For the most part, prospecting means little more than selling your friends and family members.

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with selling insurance to friends and family since they too need insurance and other financial services related products. If they can't trust you, who can they trust?

But... eventually the fishing hole dries up.

Oxymoron = Insurance Carrier Marketing Departments -

Most company's concept of marketing is nothing more than a glossy propaganda, flyer, brochure or Power Point sales presentation designed by someone in their marketing and compliance departments with little to no real-life experiences or understanding of what consumers are truly interested in getting from their insurance agent. The bottom-line, nearly ever message, regardless of the brand logo or name recognition, is always the same.

What insurance agents are not taught is... Marketing!

Most insurance agents are not taught how to market themselves, their agency or the products and services they offer.


Let's compare an insurance agent to a neighborhood grocery store, car dealer or nearly any other businesses, and what must they do? The owners will advertise in the local newspaper, "Penny Saver", church bulletin or a roadside billboard. Many business will also run radio or TV ad campaigns. The objective is to get the word out.. "We're Open for Business. Come on in and look around..."

Grocery stores will run coupon adds on certain everyday products while car dealers will promote pricing discounts or special finance arrangement on certain high inventoried cars and trucks.

Regardless, each campaign is designed to g bring consumers into their stores to buy groceries that are not on sale or to upgrade to a vehicle not listed in the weekly sales flyer.


Marketing is a strategy that requires creativity, adaptability and above all else, consistency.

Agents need Identify, Target, Engage, Cultivate and Convert prospects into long-term financial services clients.

To Convert, you must Cultivate. To Cultivate, you must Engage. To Engage, you must Target. To Target, you must Identify.


Identify... what the consumers want to buy... not what you want to sell them...

Take for instance: Prescription Medications and Dental care are among some of the most highly searched products or services on the internet.

Therefore, consider adding an Rx and Dental Insurance benefit to your product offering and then target prospects with engaging messages that will give you the opportunity to cultivate a relationship that will convert them to clients. Only after they become 'clients' will you selling them the products that will impact your lifestyle and more importantly, their lifestyle.


Look at this Rx Care America benefit- Fully Commissionable and plan pricing for your clients from $9.95 for a single individual to $19.95 for a family.

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