Wow! How good are these? From CMS


Did you ever think the government would actually help you for developing new Medicare clients?

There are over 45 CMS videos that have been professionally developed for those Americans either preparing to enroll into or already on Medicare.

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What a powerful tool to share with your clients and prospects.


The questions for you are...

  • Do you have the IT skills and content to attract?

  • Do you use any video conferencing services?

  • Do you give clients and prospects the opportunity to book your schedule directly?

  • Do you invite clients to view information from your social media or marketing website?

  • Do you have a digital marketing platform?

What don't you have a digital marketing platform?


With Covid-19 restrictions being relaxed, one of the more popular Medicare CMS videos is Traveling Abroad.



How many of your clients are visiting your competitors digital marketing platforms?

How many prospects are you losing every day?


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