I have conversations with insurance agents everyday and they all want the same thing.

1. Qualified Prospects or Insurance Lead Generation.

2. Effective automated Social Media marketing.

3. Websites with higher search rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing.



So, what's the reality?

The fact is, there are hundreds of marketing organizations targeting insurance agents selling so called qualified leads for various insurance markets including, Medicare, Final Expense, Long-term Care, Life and Mortgage insurance, just to name a few.

And, there are just as many companies pushing S.E.O or search engine optimization that promote their expertise in guaranteeing higher website ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other internet search engines.

These vendor services or claims may indeed be true.

However, let's first consider Lead generation.

We know that Internet responder lead generation marketing is becoming more and more scarce and certainly more and more expensive. It is not uncommon for lower cost Final Expense, Medicare, and Mortgage leads to have been recycled, significantly aged, and or previously closed by another agent.

The higher cost Annuity, Estate, Long term care, and Retirement Planning per lead costs can range from $150 to $400 or more. The sales conversion rates are generally 1 n 10 if not worse. Let's not forget, many of these responder leads will “Ghost”, call screen, block or provide out dated contact information. Therefore many of these leads are worthless.

The “Transfer or warm hand off” leads are also very expensive and generally require significant monthly or annual subscription commitments from the agent.

Although the return on investment for the high cost and transfer lead might be worth it; most insurance agents will not gamble hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the hopes of selling 1 or 2 insurance policies or annuities.

Now, let's consider S E O or Search Engine optimization Services.

Yes, everyone wants their websites to highly ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

A typical agent conversation often goes like this” … I’ve had this website for years and no one ever visits my website and they never request any quotes or contact from me.”

My response, “…consumers don’t go to internet and search in Google, Bing or Yahoo looking for insurance agent hoping to sell them insurance. No, they go to the internet looking for information. And, you have less than 17 seconds to interact with a visitor on your website and capture their attention before they move on to another website.”

Analytics experts tell us that if someone remains on your website for more than 17 seconds, there is a strong possibility they will remain on the site to see what all you have to offer and more importantly, they will return.

Here’s the truth. There are only 2 to 3 ways to be highly ranked in any search engine.

1. Write a check every month for paid advertisements.

2. Write a check every month to an S E O marketing firm that will continuously monitor and promote your website into various search engines.

3. Build the domain reputation organically.

In order to build a domain reputation organically, here are some free key points to consider.

1. Key word placement.

2. Provide High quality, resourced content and the more the content, the better the analytics results.

3. Back linking site content, blogs and forums.

4. Increase Site visits with Blog, subscriptions, newsletters and both cold and warm email messages.

5. Use Social Media to drive visits to your website in lieu of relying solely on social media landing pages.

6. Promote, incentivize and encourage return visits.

7. Use direct and indirect site interactions, such as real and avatar animations that engage visitors and reduce bounce rates.

So, what is Adaptive Marketing Group and what do we do?

· We are an agent focused digital marketing company. We help agents build their website domain reputation organically.

· We build customized Agent Marketing Platforms and social media content designed to give your clients and prospects the information they need and want. On Their Terms.

· What we are not is a lead generation vendor nor are we an S E O fulfillment vendor.

To see what we offer to help agents build their site domain reputation visit

On our website you will find, engaging new content and 12 new designs, for the Affordable Care, Health Insurance, Short Term, Indemnity, Final Expense, life insurance, annuities, long term care and retirement planning markets. We also create Avatar Animation, Doodly Whiteboards, Real Video Interactions and real voice or Simulated recording.

One of the more popular new engagement is the Client Self completion processing of life insurance application widget.

So let us help you.

Adaptive Marketing Group, LLC

a WiX Legend Marketplace Digital Partner Agency.

Call us at


You'll be glad you did.

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