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As an insurance agent and/or financial services professional, are you doing everything to effectively market yourself and your practice? Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference.

One good example is the QR Code. We are seeing more and more of these codes every day. In fact, many of the TV commercials, print publications and carriers now utilize these highly effective "QR Codes" to promote their products or services.

And...consumers everywhere are using these codes to get more information and to learn more about what is being offered. You can also consider it a form of "Going Green"

Don't take my word, see for yourself the next time you are shopping at Walmart, Target or just about every other retailer in your neighborhood.


What is a QR Code?

QR stands for Quick Response. Most of us know these strange squiggly lines as "barcodes"... For those of you that don't know what a barcode is, please be assured it is not a language used by millennials as pickup lines in a bar or nightclub but rather unique symbols and lines use to store bits of information in a highly compressed format.


When used effectively, a QR code can deliver specific content to a specific audience or prospective buyer. Example: Let's say you are an insurance agent that is prospecting for new Medicare Supplement buyers turning age 65 and you want them to visit your website that features a CMS Video Medicare & You: Understanding Your Medicare Choices.

See this example as one way to use the QR Code. This QR code not only takes the prospective buyer to the website, it also provides the viewer with an opportunity to request a quote or to contact the agent directly.

The QR Codes can be printed on the blank side of business card, flyers or brochures. These codes have been seen utilized on decals for car windows and entry points into office building. In fact, these codes can be strategically used throughout the community or anywhere you can to delivery your message.


Maybe your market is Long-Term Care and you want to invite a prospective buyer(s) to a presentation and highlight what Medicare Does and Does Not pay for Long Term Care Services.

An effective QR Code might tell a storyline, provide credibility and help you have a challenging conversation with a prospective buyer on the subject of caregiving and the need for long term care insurance.


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