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The Secrets To SEO DOMINANCE -

Do you want your website found and highly ranked?

Get found on Google

Did you know, there are over 250,000 new websites launched every day? (1)  And, everyone wants their site to be the highest ranked site in their market niche' or industry category.

We're going to share some secrets with you many other digital marketing firms will not.

Secret 1: Anyone can create a website. However, not everyone can properly set it up to be found in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck-Duck Go, etc. There are many variables that will affect the proper website set up. Examples:

  • Does the site have a Privacy Statement?

  • Is the site Accessible and compliant with Title III American's with Disabilities Act?

  • Can the site be "crawled" effectively by Google and other search engines?

  • Are the metatags correct and are the right 'H1, H2, H3, etc., loading how they should?

  • Do the photos, logos, videos and other graphics have "alt" text descriptions and is it correct?

Secret 2:  There are only 2 ways for a website to be highly ranked by the top search engines.

  1. Write a check every month to an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firm. These costs can vary but generally start at about $300-$400 per month depending on site content. These costs don't include "keyword" advertising and placements.

  2. Learn to do it yourself. This requires, time, research and understand how to "Market" your website. The amount of time you want to allocate and research you want to acquire, is up to you. Marketing is a technique and consists of 5 fundamental steps:

  • Identify your market

  • Target your market

  • Engage your market

  • Cultivate your market

  • Convert your market.

When someone is looking to establish an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) dominance strategy, it's important to focus on specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to their business, industry, and target audience. It is also important that keywords be strategically placed throughout the website and to avoid "keyword stuffing(2).  

Primary Keywords (Head Keywords): These are the main keywords or phrases that are directly related to your business or website. They are typically broad and competitive. For example, if you run an online shoe store, "athletic shoes" could be a primary keyword...

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