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We are a Wix website design firm. The information we gather from you is crucial to understanding the goals, brand identity, and target audience. Here are some profile questions we might need to ask you. Business Information: What is the name of your business? Can you provide a brief description of your business or organization? What products or services do you offer? Do you have a mission statement or core values? Target Audience: Who is your target audience or ideal customer? What are their demographics (age, gender, location)? What are their needs, preferences, and pain points? Website Goals and Objectives: What do you want to achieve with this website? Are you looking to increase sales, generate leads, provide information, or something else? Do you have specific measurable goals, such as a target conversion rate or number of monthly visitors? Competitor Analysis: Who are your main competitors in the industry? Are there any websites you admire or consider as competitors? What sets you apart from your competitors? Design Preferences: Do you have a brand style guide, including logo, colors, and fonts? Are there any specific design elements or styles you prefer (e.g., minimalistic, vintage, modern)? Do you have any existing marketing materials or design assets that should be incorporated into the website? Content Requirements: Do you have existing content (text, images, videos) that should be included on the website? Will you need assistance with content creation or copywriting? How often do you plan to update the website's content? Functionality and Features: Are there specific features you want on the website (e.g., e-commerce, blog, contact forms, social media integration)? Do you need any user login or membership functionality? What should the website's navigation structure look like? SEO and Search Engine Visibility: Have you considered SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website? Do you have specific keywords or phrases you'd like to target? Are there any SEO tools or integrations you require? Budget and Timeline: What is your budget for the website project? Do you have a preferred timeline or launch date in mind? Are there any specific milestones or deadlines we should be aware of? Maintenance and Support: Who will be responsible for ongoing website maintenance and updates? Do you need assistance with website hosting, security, or backups? What level of technical support will you require after the website is launched? Analytics and Tracking: What key performance indicators (KPIs) would you like to track (e.g., website traffic, conversion rates)? Do you have any preferred analytics tools or platforms? Legal and Compliance: Are there any legal or regulatory requirements specific to your industry that the website must adhere to (e.g., GDPR, ADA compliance)? Do you have a privacy policy and terms of service that need to be included on the website? Future Growth and Expansion: Are there plans for future expansion or new features on the website? How scalable should the website be to accommodate future needs? These questions. Let's start the process with completing this form below.

WiX Digital Support

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