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Enter a Domain or Keyword: You can enter your website's domain or a specific keyword related to your industry. Analyze Results: SEMrush will then provide you with a list of keywords related to the domain or keyword you entered. This list includes information like search volume, keyword difficulty, and competition level. Filter and Refine: You can further refine your keyword list by filtering for specific criteria such as search volume, keyword difficulty, or specific keyword types. Competitor Analysis: SEMrush also allows you to analyze your competitors' keywords, helping you identify potential opportunities. Keyword Tracking: You can track the performance of specific keywords over time and see how they're ranking in search results.

Understanding SEMRUSH Keyworks | Google & Bing Search Engines

Keywords (also called search phrases) are words that a user enters into a search engine to find the content they want. The search engine matches the user with content that it thinks is relevant to their keywords. Using keywords effectively on your site's pages can help improve your site's ranking in search results.

Finding keywords for your site: 

You can find keywords for your site using Semrush in your SEO Checklist in your site's SEO Dashboard.


  • You can select a maximum of 5 keywords for your SEO checklist. You must add at least 1 keyword.

  • If you have a free Semrush account, you can do 10 keyword searches per 24 hours. After 10 searches, you need to wait 24 hours or upgrade your Semrush account.

To find keywords:

  1. Go to your SEO Setup Checklist in your site's dashboard.

  2. Click the Edit icon  next to Keywords.

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