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Setting up Business Email in Wix

Google Workspace: Purchasing and Setting up a Business Email Purchase a personalized Google Workspace business email directly from Wix (e.g.

 This can make your business look more professional and trustworthy while also strengthening your brand.  


The Google Workspace business email plans are not yet available in all regions. 

Step 1 | Purchase a Google Workspace business email - You can choose how many emails you want to have and select a plan the meets your business needs.  

Wix offers 3 Google Workspace email plans for your to choose from: Business Starter, Business Standard and Business Plus. Learn more about the benefits of each option. 

Before you begin:

To purchase a Google Workspace email, you must own a domain (from Wix or elsewhere) and add it to the Domains section of your account.

To purchase a Google Workspace business email:

Go to Business Email in your Wix account. 

Click Get a Business Email.

Note: If you have more than 1 domain, click Get a Business Email next to the relevant domain. 

Set the quantity of business emails you want to purchase.

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